Monday, March 28, 2016

She Loves To Go Out With Hers Gals Than Going Out With Me

I met this girl in november last year and we have been dating since then she is in oil and gas while I am  into telecommunication i love her but our problem is money she always brag of having more money than me.
 I have but little did she know that i am richer three times than her she let herself known but i had hidden a lot of my asset from her but the problem is that she loves to go out with her gals instead of me.

Yesterday was Easter sunday we are supposed to meet in a joint but she just called that she is with her gals that she cant make it to where i am waiting for her i am confused cos everybody around me love her and they are ready to swear for me if i was dont marry her. They will be Mad at me, no one seems to understand what am passing through right now.

Please what should I do?

1 comment:

  1. Maybe cos you are boring work or that... You can aswell invite her friends to your hang out once in a while


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