Saturday, March 12, 2016

Should I Become a J. Witness..

My name is Emmy(Guy) and am still a student. I met this girl(name Gift) september 2014 at a place where I went for a job training, she was the admin of the training, she's pretty and nice and was 3yrs older than me. I was still seeking admission into the higher institution when I went for the job training and fortunately for me I got...

...admission November that same year, so I had to stop the job training. It was too early for me to quit so I gave her reasons but she didn't believe and went far as asking people around me if what I said was true and also got my number from my file @ the job training. That was when we became so close, we had each other's numbers and kept in contact through...

...whatsapp and phone calls. We started having feelings for each other not mind what people would say. We were deeply in love that we didn't think of anything separating us, not even the age difference or the fact that she was done with school and i'm just starting. We started dating secretly for 2months before people got to know, even family... by then we were not scared of anything else cause my family got to know of our age difference or status but didn't say anything about it. I'm a Christian but not really a church goer, she's also a christian a J.W(Jehovah's Witness) I know of many of their rules against non-witnesses and she knew too but we took the risk of dating cause we love each   other. We've dated for a year and 2months now without having any serious problems that led to separation or cooling off. We love each other so much and are getting along well, we even have sleep overs with our parents consent although her family doesn't know yet that am not a J.W. Now that's kind of the main problem we are having now. I recently saw a chat between she and her friend, wasn't snooping around though it was coincidental.
The chat between her she and her friend was mainly about me and my religious status. She told her friend that she can never get married to a guy that's not a J.W and she also told her friend about a new guy that she's close to, he's nice, caring and also he's a J.W and told her friend that they are so close people will even think they're dating but he hasn't asked her out cuz she once told him she's dating already. Seeing such changed my mood and made me really sad. I confronted her about what I saw and she said she was confused and could only speak to her friend about it and that she really loves me but the problem is am not  a J.W. Now seeing what she told her friend I can hardly trust her. We're giving ourselves time to think about what we both want, she said I should trust her and if I really love her and want to be with her then I know the right thing to do "which to her means beinng a J.W" but now my problem is am really in love with her and I don't want to lose her to that... guy. I don't know either to become a J.W and be with her or just let her go. Im confused here pls guys really need some advice cause we've been through a lot together in our relationship.

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