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The Virgin , A shower And Valentin,s Day By Akinwale Akinyoade

Sola had called earlier the day before valentine to say that she was not going to be available for the Valentine outing that we had been planning. She had to go see her aunt in Ibadan for some important family matter that could not be postponed. I tried to hide my disappointment as I prepared myself for a boring valentine day. It was going to be church and back to the lonely house. Valentine morning came and I found was still disappointed that I wasn’t going to be spending the day with her. I didn’t need a special day to be with her but I am not one of those pretentious people that try not to celebrate when others do. There is nothing wrong with simply setting aside a day to make it all about your lover.

I dressed in my cream-coloured suit and pastel pink shirt before heading out to church for the early morning service, as one of the workers in church, I had to be there early. For some weird reason, I was not particularly feeling the Pastor’s sermon that day and decided to head back home after telling the head of my department that I wasn’t feeling too well. To say I was surprised when lo and behold, Sola was at my apartment. She has a key to my apartment so it was no surprise that she had let herself in. what surprised me was that she was cooking. She had on a loose fitting gown that bellowed around her as she moved towards me and planted a soft kiss on my lips. I stood there in shock, not sure I had entered the right apartment, and if I had, was this my Sola. Sola never cooked, we ate out. What was that smile on her face and what was that sweet aroma wafting from the kitchen?

“Happy Valentine’s day honey. I wasn’t expecting you to be back so early,” she said with a pout “now you have ruined my surprise, the food is not yet ready.” On several occasions, we had quarreled about her lack of disposition to cooking so this was easily a sweet gesture on her part. I was touched and as she made to go back into the kitchen, I pulled her back to me and planted a more intimate kiss on her lips. She giggled like an excited schoolgirl while I went into my bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes. If I had thought that cooking a meal was all that Sola had in stock for me, I had another thought coming.

“I need you to go wash off church from you before you sit down at the table,” she said with that giggle again as she began setting the table. I was still too far dazed at her actions that I thought nothing of it and headed towards the bathroom, peeling off the blue jeans that I had changed into.

I stepped into the bathtub and turned on the overhead shower, I had been in when I heard the door open and in she came wearing nothing but a fishnet top. Where had the gown gone
 to and what was she up to?

“Sola,” I tried to control the lust in my voice as I stared at her braless breasts under the top. One of her nipples was jutting out of the holes of the fishnet top and as she moved into the bathroom, I suddenly realized that I was naked. What happened to our agreement to wait till after marriage? What was Sola doing? I had no time to think as she joined me in the bath and the water splashed on her body.

“Hush,” she said and placed one finger on my lips before lowering her head to kiss my lips. Sola would never know that although I never tried to pressure her to have sex, I was getting it outside but as our marriage drew closer, I had begun to practice being a faithful married man by abstaining from sex. All thoughts of sexual immorality that Pastor Toro had been preaching earlier that day flew out of my head as Sola’s mouth descended on mine. Her breath was hot against mine and I pulled her closer to me, she pushed away gently. She had other plans.
She took my fast growing dick in her hand and stroked the length of it like one that was surprised at what she had done. I stood there, my di*k in her hand, getting harder every second, every time her finger traced a vein as if she was exploring, as if she was discovering something new. I felt a wave of warmth wash over me and I quickly rested my back against the bathroom wall to keep myself upright. Her hand left my dick and went to my chest, she splayed her hand on my chest, her fingers
playing with the chest hair that was matted with water before she leaned behind me to turn off the shower which I had forgotten was still on.  She toyed with with my chest hair for what seemed like an eternity while I tried to make sense of what was going on then I got my answer when her right hand went to her clit and she slowly started playing with herself. I tried to touch her but she pushed me back gently with her left hand.

“Relax,” she said instead. Her actions were slow and she sucked on a finger and slowly pushed it into her pus*y, all the while her eyes on me and started finger fucking herself. That should be my di*k, I thought to myself and I groaned as I watched her movements become faster the way a lover would increase his pace. My dick was throbbing and pulsing and when she saw the hungry way my eyes followed her movements, she finally grabbed my well hardened co*k and tugged playfully. That was it, I was no longer taking commands, I hugged her.

Her lips met mine and I kissed her roughly, this was what she would get for being a tease. I kissed her neck, shoulders, nipples and licked down her tummy. Her breath fanned my back as she darted a tongue into my ear and licked. Fu*k, where had she learnt to do all of these things? That was a question to be answered later. I was hopelessly immersed in my blinding desire for her. I turned her on her back and kissed my way down her back, over her ass and my tongue found her smooth snatch. It was like sucking on nectar and honey at the same time and I opened her up with my gentle sucking before pushing my tongue in from behind. She moaned loudly and pushed against me, making as if to bury herself in my face.

The lust I had been holding on to for so long now brimmed to the surface and I spread her legs apart. I could not hold back anymore and lifting her up, I cushioned her against the wall and entered her. I was surprised when I met the resistance and felt her body tense like one in pain. She was a virgin? Holy fuck? I nuzzled my face between her breasts and went in a bit more gently. Her legs were wrapped around me and when I pushed past her barrier, she moaned in delight, her legs squeezing me in. We could discuss why she had decided to give me her virginity today later on. For now I just wanted to concentrate on the actions of my dick as it went in and out of her. I was sliding in and out of her while she was using her legs as  leverage.

I was on a mission and this man could not stop until his mission was complete. She was totally opened now and I began to increase my pace. My thrusts were getting harder and longer and her soft whimpers only seemed to encourage me. One look into her eyes was enough to convince me that I wasn’t hurting her. She felt so amazing as my shaft went in and out, driving like crazy as it if was trying to pound a stubborn nail in place and as I felt my climax building, I found myself bringing her down from her position.

I lay down in the shower not minding that I felt cramped and brought her down with me so that she could sit on my dick. She didn’t need any prompting and began to move on my dick by herself while I urged her on as she rode me. I wanted her to ride me to ecstasy, I wanted her to feel my cum going up her love canal and probably make a baby? At long last, I felt the fountain burst forth and I gushed all my juice into her. Pinching her nipples as my seed spilled out of me and into her while she continued ridding like her life depended on it.

I am not going to bore you with the long talk we had over the food she had cooked but our wedding date has since been shifted to weeks earlier than planned.


  1. Hmmmmmm, interesting story, finally the deed had been done, what a story, do we still have Virgin, I guess the only Virgin I kno of is my 8 months old daughter, ahahahahahahahahah

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  3. Hmmm,and am closing ryt away, gat work to do @ home, baby am coming! Lol, madt story!


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