Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tough Love -InLove with him.... despite his challenges.....

I am the most confused human being on this planet. I need the advice of everyone on this channel. I'm in my late 20s and I have a serious relationship that is 7years now. We both love ourselves so much but the problem is that my parents does not even want to set their eyes on my guy not to talk of allowing me to marry him.
We have had so much quarrels on that & their reason was that they prayed about it, we are not compatible. But I Don't believe them.

Like 2years ago i met with another guy. We worked together & we gradually became friends. I told him about my relationship & the challenges i'm facing & I also told him how much I luv my guy & I can't afford to start any relationship with any guy.
But most time we are always together because we do projects together often time. Somehow my mum got to see him with me one day and before I knew what was happening he already became a good friend of my mum. She has his number and I guess they see to talk when i'm not there. What I noticed recently like 4 to 5 months now is that he keeps professing his love to me.

He buys me things, he always wants to make me happy, he always tells me he will marry me. He always tell me sweet things every woman will want to here. And my guy once told me he does not trust this guy and that am getting too close to him but I was mad at him, saying he was too jealous. Now I can't tell him anything and am sure he is seeing he just decided to ignore...

...because this guy calls me in his presence most time.
Now the problem is that am beginning to have feelings for this new guy maybe because of some thoughts that came to my mind like: my parents want him, we are compatible in terms of work,(am not sure about spiritual). I will definitely do an elaborate wedding with him if I should accept his proposal...

...(and that's one of the things my mum wants).
But for my 7years relationship, I sincerely love him, but my parents are ready to disown me if I marry him. No elaborate wedding, even my siblings are saying they can't do anything if our parents insist. We are not ready to say goodbye to ourselves, we plan doing a secret wedding soon but am just confused if i should go on...

go on with our plans.
Note : My guy is physically challenged but I love him so much cos he is a Godfearing, good and caring man.  And am ready to face all odds with him, just want to be sure if am making the right decision.

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