Wednesday, March 2, 2016

WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) Miss Elsie Godwin

Meet My Woman Crush Wednesday.

Your Name:  Elsie Godwin

Are you Married : No

What do you do:   I'm a Blogger, Presenter, Social Media manager and an entrepreneur.

Your Relationship status: Single

Can you explain Relationship:  Relationship is simply connection and is very wide.

What is your ideal Man: A man who compliments my person and personality.
Who do u choose blogging as a profession and what's your niche:  I never chose blogging. It
just happened. I enjoy blogging and right now
I'm taking up opportunities as they show up. My blog niche is Relationship, Literature & Lifestyle.

Tell us about your Radio programme:
I have a radio program called Crux of the matter with Elsie every Friday by 9pm on Happenings Radio ( where we discuss Relationship, Dating & sex.
It,s something different from the normal lies we tell ourselves. On crux of the matter, we tell
each other the truth and are as blunt as blunt
should be.

She have an event called 'hangout with Elsieisy' where people get together to enjoy spoken words, good music and motivation talk from known speakers.

Thanks for your time dear.......

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