Sunday, March 6, 2016

We Swore To Blood Oath........

Please Admin.

 I want you to tell me about blood oat. My girl left me, it's about 25 days now because of a fight we had. No phone call, no text message... nothing. It's like it's over between us. And we had a blood oat in our relationship as we've been together for 3 years now. What I want to know here is, is the oat still on with us?

She left me because i'm in my hard time in life. Why, because I lost my job, that's the reason so she kept on helping us because her father sends her money every 7 days. I guess maybe she's tired. Because every small mistake she simply packs her things and leaves my place.

Now the things is, my chest keeps on dropping. Don't know maybe it's the oat we took. So please,

what advice will you help me with?


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