Friday, April 1, 2016

When Love goess sour..

I cannot pour out more accolades than most u have heard already but I want to thank you for this platform. It has given a lot of us sense lol. Seriously speaking, thank you. My name is Cy... I was only just recently separated from my husband... story for another day. I thought it was going to be for ever(our union) but sometimes life deals you a different hand.

We have 4 very young kids, between the ages of 4 and 7. ‎The marriage broke down irreconcilable and it's at this point I am now. My husband threw me and the kids out of his house out of anger. He has a very hot temper. And I suffered physical and emotional abuse. He refused to let me get a job after we got married cos he didn't want me to be independent of him. ‎

And a part also would I say was caused by inferiority complex on his part cos i'm quite beautiful, smart and very ambitious. I cannot tell you I am perfect, cos no one is but I tried to be the best mother and wife to him and our kids. Back to the story... I was lucky to get a job that came with a furnished small house and a small car. God was faithful.

Right now I am confused, my salary is just enough to put my kids in school and eat the basic things, no luxuries, which we have been managing by His grace. My husband has refused to ask about the kids, their fees, health, upkeep or anything. I've called and texted, I've spoken to his people and the pastors, he has refused to budge.

He sees it as a way to punish me so that when the responsibilities hook me at neck I'ld come back begging and I've said to myself I cannot go back to that marriage cos I'ld die of suicide and depression or maybe even abuse. It's a long story I'ld send it some day. I don't want anything from him other than to take care of the kids and foot their bills even just their fees...

...but he's adamant out of spite to let us all suffer or so he wishes.
I have tried to keep it cordial for the sake of the kids. I do not want it to get messy and bitter but he's drawing my strings. He's very comfortable and has no financial need but has refused to cater for the kids cos they are with me of which he threw us out. He didn't expect me to bounce up & survive,...
...he was expecting after some weeks I'ld come and beg and massage his ego as usual but I have had it up to the neck. Not any more.
Now I need him to do what's right by the kids, we were married in every aspect. I don't want to have to sue him and bring court and police into this matter but as he is not playing ball and I am still struggling to give them at least a decent... and the basic things. It's not easy and it's going to get even more expensive. My kids are a blessing to me and I do not regret for one second but how can I make him take up responsibility for them?.
Kindly post this. I hope to get some advice from people that have been in my shoes or general advice. I'd be reading all the comments.

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