Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Whose Church Should The Weddding Hold?

I met my fiance in the university it took a while before we eventually started a serious relationship. He is working well and i am almost done with service. Introduction done. We are so happy together, he loves me more than i do, he cannot stand to see me cry or worried but right now his dad is kind of an issue; he wants the wedding done in his church...

...(End time message) saying he has a strong doctrine, that they cannot take the service to any church and also in the past he has prevented people from marrying outside his church that he will suspend the wedding till the intending couples agree to wed in his church. The issue here with him is how he tell his church members? what will they say of...

...him? So he is adamant that it must be done in his church else he won't attend the wedding or will be angry with his son.
And on the other hand my parents want it done in their church (RCCG) as it is their pride and last respect as they are both ministers in the church. As they have withnessed all their life that the wedding is often done in the lady's parents... I'm really worried and i have been troubled. Won't this man hate me for life? As he has told his son that he will never be happy with him, war between both familes how do i get to leave with that?
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