Thursday, April 7, 2016

Advice: Am Tired Of This, My Husband Loves To Cum In My Mouth – Wife Cries Out

She sent in a mail to us concerning her problem…
Read below:-

My husband loves to cum in my mouth and it’s
becoming very annoying , when ever his about to cum, he just withdraws straight into my mouth ,and if I don’t open he will keep malice with me f months and will not touch me.
So I decided to make peace reign so I started
allowing him cum in my mouth but I don’t swallow it,

I will just carry it and pour it out in the bath or on the sheets. So he noticed it and got even more angry that I must be swallowing it, I refused and he brought his normal method of malice, so I accepted. because am afraid of breaking my home. So when ever he cum in my mouth he uses his hand to cover my nose to help me swallow it by force , and after that I will cry my eyes out cause Ifeel like throwing up.
And I am tired of this, he makes me hate sex. We
don’t have any kids yet because he always make me swallow all of his cum in my mouth instead of private part.
Am getting fed up. I feel maltreated and cheated.
So I want to ask, is this part of domestic violence?
How can I fight it? Am tired. Nigerians please
advice me.


  1. Hell yea this is domestic violence and I tink u shud report to the ryt authorities.he his ur husband yea bt forcin u to swallow his cum is ar u sure he doesn't have a motive given d fact dat u avnt given birth since u swallow all his cum and he his nt even can even be risky healthwise.I tink u shud sit him down and talk to him abt it and if no improvement u need to seek help.

  2. Firstly, every bit about sex in a marriage should be consentual.many pple myt see this as funny but mehn this is can he cover your nose and make u swallow by force?dats demeaning.(he probably watched too much porn or still watches porn).many of our Nigerian men hate counselling so don't mention a shrink just yet.sit him down and talk to him.pray before taking any step. May God guide u.dis matter is a sensitive 1.all d best

  3. God answers prayers my sister. Pray To God and then talk to him


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