Friday, April 8, 2016

Advice Me Please My Husband Left Me

Hello Genny please I need your lovely subs advice.

 please when I was17 in my 3rd year in the university, I got pregnant I was young and naive we got married a month before I gave birth Really big wedding. The guy was ok good but the thing but he has no job after 2 years we started having issues he leaves home goes to sleep in the church that what he told me.

 He did that for 3 month then he came home and told me he gotten a visa to go to south Africa that I should talk to my dad to give him ticket money which I did and my dad agreed he collected the first half we went to ibadan were we base. My dad told him to come back to lagos to collect the remaining half. We both planned that if he goes to collect it he will come back because our rent of 180k was almost due.
He never came back I did not here from him for a month was scared later I reached him through facebook he told me he has travelled without telling me. I kept calm he took the coward way out. I had to pay his debt the house and some he owed(i really suffered BecauseI had to pay my child schools and other cost).
I was in 500 level then at the university, my dad only helped me with half, he told me to look for the rest.i had to wait tables in a restaurant. He has gone for 3 yrs now we talk once in a while like friends he talk to his daughter once in 6 month without caring I even beg him to call,he will ignore my messages. When we have chat fight and he tells me to move on if I want to and can't support him that wives support there husband.
 I recently found out he married an old white woman,what he says is that he is doing it for I and my daughter am in a dilemma what should I do. Should I wait or move on .If I wait won't he run again in future after giving birth to more children. Am confused.

Please help Me

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