Monday, April 11, 2016

(ADVICE) My Brother Is In Love With My Enemy, What Should I Do?

There is this friend of mine that come to my house we were good friends tho but I had to distances myself because of her behavior like taxing guys, collecting money from guys before they sleep with her, we fought on her birthday when I caught her with a guy in the toilet of the hotel she celebrated her birthday even she doesn't look somebody that has plan for herself because all she think of every time is buying clothes,phones like he newly released boom j8 and partying.

But to my surprise i saw her and my brother yesterday night my way back from work in front of our house, when my brother came inside i asked him what he was doing with her, he said he wants to date her...

OMG!! I don't know what to tell my brother he shouldn't start thinking that we are the same because you know birds of the same feathers flocks together..

Please what should I do?

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