Tuesday, April 19, 2016

After Marriage Everything Went Wrong.....

My husband gets angry at any slightest opportunity. He does not have a good job yet, and I take all the responsibility in the house. I'm still in school in my final year and just gave birth too. I have two shops where I source for income. I have invested a lot in his business but it still not working and right now my husband complains when there is no enough meat in the  stew, when I don't return home on time due to traffic, refuse to eat when it is past 7pm.
I beg everyday for him to eat and forget cos my
kind of job can't always make it home on time. But he doesn't just care & I av to continue my business cos I av to provide for d house. All he's always saying is I don't respect him by coming late simply becos he doesn't  have a job.

And we're just 9 month old in marriage.
I'm Into Boutique Biz he's into agricultural biz...he produces any kind of animals feed. He was working under his brother, who leaves in the U.S. He was his manager and everything went wrong after his brother married a Nigerian wife and he left to start his own. It was moving well before we got married.

After the wedding, customers just stopped calling him and electricity became a big prob. Generator to power his machines is over a #1M, and there is no such money now. Kindly advise me on what to do.

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