Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Am In Love With Someone But Don't Know If The Relationship Will Work Out

I met this pretty miss.. MIRABELLE, 21years..we fell in love.. I so much love dis Bae but the. problem here is that, am still in my 300level and she is a graduate, planning to go for her service..

A her mom has been giving her green light for marriage, being the first daughter... AND me being in my 300level, I never achieve anything and not ready for marriage..

 What do I get to offer, nothing but love, which I know it won't likely put food on the table.. She is also not ready for marriage now but ready for a serious relationship.. And am not ready to miss out this gal, all in the name of marriage now cus I so much love her.... Please I need advice on how to go about dis issue..

Please no insult..

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