Monday, April 4, 2016

Can I Really Trust Him.....

I've been reading Marital Ties Stories for a very long time now but I just opened an an account here not quite long ag.Pls,I need your advice(no insults,pls).I'll try to make it brief,so pls take things easy on me.
We fell in love about 2yrs and 10months ago when I had admission into a higher institution,although he wasn't my first love but
I can say he really got my heart that I don't want him to go,I had gotten into various relationships when I got out of secondary
school(had no bf in secondary sch.),but I was just a player,playing with the hearts of those guys(not intentional),because I realized that most of them were after sex,I dumped them after testing the levels at which they can control their body,I made them reach climax through kissing and romancing and leave them high,then I'll break the relationship,Infact,I've been in a day-relationship,when I met him at my first year,first semester,I was having 3 guys already and he became the 4th,but I later left the other guys for him. And since then,I've always found it difficult to accept any other man. He is a handsome and nice guy.He later disvirgined me after about 6months of dating(can't explain how).he alwAys tell me that he loves me but whenever I introduce him to someone,they will tell me that he looks like a player,that he is more handsome to be true(I wasn't attracted by his looks cos we started dating before we met).

Although,I've never caught him with a girl but whenever I checked his bbm,it always give me a doubt,I tried every possible method to catch him but he always appear to be clean.When I graduated,I do travel down to his place without telling him and funny enough,I always meet my stuffs the exact way it was,even up to my undies*.But,I still don't know if I can trust him.
I'm sorry for the long and boring story,but please understand my plight,I don't have friends,I don't keep female friends,and. I can't open up to my male friends.Pls,help me,I really need to know if I can rely on him fully.

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  1. Your own dey ur body. After years of testing and seeing he's cleaning you still cannot trust him, it's him that will soon get ded up and leave you


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