Saturday, April 23, 2016

Choosing The Right One

I have a friend that I went to same secondary school with 20 years ago. We were SU members so we became friendly. We lost contact and reconnected 8yrs ago. He is 38 while am 36 and am single mum. He is single with no child. I was in a relationship that packed up around the time we reconnected. He was there for me, praying and encouraging me.

Let me call him MR A. I went into another relationship with someone else that almost lead to the altar.He was there for me when it packed up (but he refused to cover the wedding when I was planning even though we were going to pay him. Although he is a graduate,he is into photography and video coverage). Recently he started calling me love,darling etc.
He calls to say he misses me and now he said that I should come to Lagos that he wants to discuss something with me. I know he wants to propose. He has been hinting for sometime now. Although he is born again, my problem is that he is content with that small level photography. He lacks ambition and he is also very shy.

So come mid 2015, a mutual friend introduces me to a rich guy who recently got divorced. A Christian too with 4 kids. He is 42 years old. He wants to marry kia! kia!!. Let me call him Mr B. He is handsome and not shy to talk about anything. We have bonded in these few months more than I have bonded with Mr A. in 8yrs.
I am not a greedy person but I have suffered in life, suffered to care for my kid and basically struggling to make ends meet since I lost my job. I am now into business and doing everything to get a better job ASAP. Mr B. can care for me, my child and dependants but am scared of 4 kids!
Although, I don't love him but I am comfortable with him as we have not been so intimate. I want to marry.I have become aunty "gwegs"

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