Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dating Your friend,s Ex

In 2013 my best friend was in a relationship with a Muslim guy but she's christian. His mom and her mom patronize each other because my friends mom sells lace. The guy used to buy her so many things and take her out. I was happy for my friend cus she hardly ever got into a serious relationship like that.

About 4 months later she told me they broke up, I asked why? She gave me excuses about how the guy always complained about the way she dresses. She has very big butt and hips so there's really nothing she can wear that won't bring out her curves. She also made mention about how she was never serious with the guy and how it was the guy that was always all over her.

Fast forward to 2014 we were talking about the break up when she suddenly said me and mr A have broken up he needs a Muslim girl do you want to date him? I was shocked. Wondering why my best friend will ask me such a question. But I let it go. It's important to note that I never met MR A the whole 4 months they were together.
Sometime last year I got introduced to a guy I really liked his name was also Mr. A so I sent his picture to my best friend asking if this was him while I was silently hoping it wasn't. But unlucky for me it was Mr. A. I like Mr. A so much although nothing like s*x yet. I'm sure he likes me too. He is 32 while I'm 22 but when we're together it's like we're age mates.

So I decided to call it quits cus I couldn't be with somebody my best friend has been with & to my shock my best friend told me that I could go ahead & be with him that she doesn't care. That it's just for the mean time till i get somebody else i like right? & I said yes. But deep down I'm scared things might get serious cus we're both Muslims & understand each other so well.
He hopes to get married before his 35th but the problem now is if things eventually go smoothly between us and we go stronger in the relationship. What type of eyes will my best friend look at me with and her mom that knows me so well and knows Mr A too what will she say?. What will the world say?. All our friends that know my best friend dated Mr A now it's me dating him.

I'm so confused right now. Please advice me if to go further with this or just quit.  I really like mr A cus I see a very bright future with him.

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