Monday, April 4, 2016

He is always asking for money

I am a student and have a boyfriend. We've dated for like two years, this is going to the third year. He doesn't do anything for me, i provide for him every now and then. He's always asking for money. I get pissed off because it's too much. I insult him, say all manner of things to him but still he claims that he loves me.

Why would a guy who doesn't. was the way to go. It broke my heart cos I wanted him to trust me more. I was a good girl cos i wanted to be good. I kept myself a Vir gin despite the constant flock of guys around me. I sang in church, i loved the things of God but my dad just couldn't allow me. I succumbed to marry my husband cos out of the 3 suitors coming for me, he was...

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