Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Help I'm In Danger Of Losing My Crush Because My Bestfriend

Hello Marital blog readers I have a problem I believe you guys can help me solve it.
There is this guy I met at a departmental party through a mutual friend and we got talking and exchanged contacts,He called me two days later we talked like we have known each other for years.We went on few dates and the chemistry was flowing,
He is tall, fair and very intelligent guy,
He is also a master of words and his words flows seamlessly.

A month later he asked me out and I told him to give me chance to think about it even due I am dying for his proposal (as a girl I got to pretend a little)
I gist my best friend about this new guy that has been driving me crazy,

She was anxious to know him and also assess him for me before I said yes.
When I showed her his picture I noticed that she was not comfortable as she kept staring at the picture with frown face,

I asked her why the expression on her face she told me he was her ex boyfriend that he cheated her with many girls that was why they broke up.
Out of anger I called him and told him that I am not interested anymore,

He called back many time but I did not pick his calls,
He sent me a message on Whatsapp asking why but I ignored the message and later told him that he was trying to use me to get back at my friend after cheating on her,
In fact I cursed him that day and block him too.

He continued calling and visiting me but I never gave him chance to explain because everything he was saying looks like lie to me.
Few days later I was alone in my bestie room when a message came in on her phone,
out of curiosity I picked the phone and drop it when I discover it was him but something told me to check the content of the message,

when I did he was warning her to stay clear of him so I decide to probe further,
I read their chats from the beginning till the end.I discovered that it was my best friend that cheated on him with his friend and since then she has

been doing anything possible to get him back so she lied to me so that I will not date him.
When she came back I confronted her with my finding she wanted to lie but gave up when I presented my evidence to her.

All she said was that she still love him and will never allow another girl to date him.
My dilemma is, how to make him to forgive me because I have been calling he has refused to pick

and I have send messages which he left without a reply
If he accept me apology will it be proper for me to date him against my bestie’s wise.
Please help me before I lose a nice guy because of my foolishness.


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  1. It's good that you agree that you're foolish. How can you judge a matter hearing only from one side? If you were the guy, and a lady acts like that, what would you do? Or if a lady treats your brother like that, how would you feel? Now you're asking for help. Shouting bestie, bestie up and down. As furiously as you embarrassed and kick him away, that's how you will work hard to bring him back. He might forgive you and never date you. That's good enough. You will learn from that.


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