Friday, April 8, 2016

Help Me I think i slept with a witch

There's this beautiful village girl I invited to my house few weeks ago. After much plays and chit-chats, we got down to bedmatics. She didn't want to do it sha, instead I forced her to it which she later called "RAPE" and cried her eyes out.

Since then, I haven't set my eyes on her but I always see her in my dreams. Have seen her in my dream like 8times now. Its not funny. In the dream she's always chasing me with either pestle, knife or cutlass. Last night was the worse, I dreamt of her upto 3 times on different occasion.
The last I dreamt of her before dawn, she was Unclad and chasing me with pestle, I con run tire for the dream, I woke up this morning feeling exhausted, and couldn't move my leg for good 10min. I tried reaching the girl just to beg her to forgive and forget, but her contact is not going through.

Which kind of thing is this sef?? Common toto wey I fvck wan con dey gimme wahala?? To sleep for night con dey fear me.

Abeg Marital ties subs, (guys), una don experience this kind thing before??

1 comment:

  1. You called it common toto. Common toto abi wetin you talk. Na God go punish devil on my behalf. You yourself talk am say Na rape you rape am. Ehn, no p Na. Since you say Na common toto you fuck, the dream too na common dream. Go ahead and live your common life and leave the common girl and her common toto alone. But as per you want advice wey you no deserve, go church for deliverance. No be church where pastor go lay hands on you and you say you're delivered. Church where you go sweat in prayers, make serious efforts to be free as you use your hand make effort to rape common toto.


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