Thursday, April 21, 2016

His Brother.......Family won,t let us...

I met a guy through my cousin and we started seeing each other. Soon after, he declared his intentions to have me as his wife. When i met his mother for the first time she seemed ok. But in the evening of the same day, she changed, giving excuses like 'I'm not tall'; 'I'm too exposed'; 'I'm smart and will lord over their son

I was shocked as my fiancee and I didn't know where all d reactions spun from only to find put its his elder brother that is poisoning everyone's mind. It was then my fiancee told me the brother engages in some diabolical stuff so he wouldn't be surprised if he has cast some spell on the entire family to take sides with him against our marriage.

The sunday after i met his brother, my fiancé's pastor called him in the middle of his sermon and advised him to be careful with the brother. My guy is d financial backbone of his family and from my deductions, his brother believes i will make him cut down on how much he spends on him and everyone after we marry... this brother has no job and is not interested in getting one but in impregnating  women for my fiancĂ© to cater for after they deliver. He...they wants a 'not so educated' woman they can control. Please what do i do? My guy is still supporting me but who knows how long this dislike his family has will continue and if he'll eventually yield to the pressure of leaving me.

..... We have not had carnal knowledge of each other and we are waiting till after marriage. Please i need advise...other than asking me to pray and leave it to God. I want other advices.

P.S...we are both security agents/public servants but working in separate organisations.

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