Friday, April 15, 2016

I am Confused

10years ago, when I was in 100L in university, I was dating this final year student. We loved each other very much and made plans for our future and further studies abroad. He graduated and traveled for further studies, we kept in touch regularly till I was in final year. Gradually the communication began to reduce, till we stopped communicating..

.In 2011, I met a guy, who was a copper, reeking with prospects. We started dating and I liked him for his seriousness. After years of searching for a job, he decided to start doing Yahoo Yahoo and made so much money. He loves me so much and wants to marry me.

I love him too and have forgiven him severally when he cheats. Sometimes I get aggressive and hit him and he beats me up severely. Fast forward to 2016, he has changed and has stopped cheating (to the best of my knowledge) and wants to make some money, to start a legit business.

Meanwhile my ex is back, he came to visit me, telling me how hard life was abroad and how he hustled, while doing two masters simultaneously. He now has a good job in Uk, with salary close to #2m per month when converted to naira. He wants me back and still loves me, still wants all our plans and dreams to be a reality.

I don't know what to do. I feel he's now a stranger, plus he now has a son for a white girl. Should I go back to him, or stick with my present Yahoo guy?

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