Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I Am Suspecting My Wife Is Cheating On Me -

Hello Marital Ties Readers, i know you people are exceptional in giving good advice to people because i have been following this tread for some time. Though i am new on the channel i am suspecting that my lovely wife is cheating on me.

The reason is that, each time i want to go through her phone, she picks up a fight. Whenever i want to use it for something else, that would be the time she will want to use it. I feel she is hiding something from me but i really want to get an evidence so that i could confront her. Most of the time when she is chatting with someone on phone, she hides the conversation. i wonder why?
Please great Marital Ties subs, , what do i do in this situation? I don't want to confront her yet because i don't have a proof.

Please no insult. Thank you

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  1. You know you don't have to look for problem where there's none. Believe me for how long do you think she can hide the phone or should I say if she's really cheating on you, do you think she'd be so stupid to leave the evidence on her phone when she knows that one day u'll get your hands on it. Please focus on your marriage and forget about looking for evidence to confront her cuz sooner or later the truth will definitely come out but please be very careful and prayerful


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