Friday, April 15, 2016

I Can I Forgive Him After Dumping Me

I hope this site is fully anonymous because this is very personal. I dated this guy last year for 2 months and 8 days. We met through a hook up from one of my friends. We had sex on the 2nd night. Not that i wanted to but he sort of really insisted. I went to meet him at a party after which we spend the night at his friends house. I could not leave coz i did not have a car and i had to be dropped home. I was determined never to see the guy again after that night.

I went silent on him for 2 weeks. only to find out i was pregnant. So i finally picked up his call and told him. He asked me to get rid of it. So i did. I was scared like hell. This made me loose my self and i needed his support emotionally through the process. He used to come see me and comfort me. When i got better we started to have sex. We would have sex every time we met. I thought we had a relationship but i suspected he only stayed for the sex. We had some really good times together. I fell for him. the problem was that he did not call me his girlfriend and that is what disappointed me. He said i should give him time. Time for what? i was there busy playing wife like an idiot and the son of a Dam wants time. I had gone through an abortion and was providing him sex! like WTF!!! So i told him i could not stay coz he did not make us official. So i dumped him,changed my phone number and moved on. He kept calling where i work and asking for me. He got my number from my friend and kept calling saying he wants me back!!! What a piece of crap!!! I did not go back. he is 30 yrs old, i am 23.

I work at a bank and am fully Independent. Its been 4 months since and i sometimes remember and wonder why i put up with him in the first place!! i hate the lady who hooked us up coz she insisted he was a gentleman so i went in with mu guard down! My silly friend had said nice things about him so i did not play hard at all. I hate that lady now nad we dont even speak anymore.

I lost 2 months and 7 days of my live in love with an idiot. Please can i fully forget that this ever happened

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