Monday, April 4, 2016

I Have a girl who I always beg For s3x....

I have a girlfriend who I have to beg for se x and because I love and don't want to hurt her I haven't looked outside, not that I can't or lack the means or girls, I just don't want to betray her trust but I have told her several times how I feel about the lack of se x in the relationship and she says there is no reason she is like that and that she would change but she  doesn't.

I am tired of having blue b alls and been ho rny when I have a girlfriend. Please also note that she isn't a vir gin, she prefers se x once a month and I can't live like that when i'm the kind of person who prefers se x as much as possible. My question is do I stay here suffering or look outside? I can't leave her because I love her.
The End.

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