Friday, April 22, 2016

I Left My Ex Because I Suspected She Is A Lesbian

I met this girl some years ago and we became friends and after some time we started dating. I loved her so much because she looked decent in every aspect. She told me she wanted a no sex relationship and i agreed with the hope that she will change her mind when she realises how much i love her.

She introduced me to her siblings and they all liked me. And i visited them often.
Whenever she visits my place i would ask for sex but she would turn me down. I was suprised because have never met such girl in my life so i respected her and didn't force my self on her.
So one day i took her out and we sat down discussing, then i raised a topic about lesbianism and homosexuality and i told her how much i detest the act but i was suprised with her first reaction
she defended the lesbians and told me guys are one of the reasons girls become lesbians. She said guys are heart breakers and that some times is better to date a fellow girl who will never break ur heart.

I was really shocked and disappointed in her. Seeing that am annoyed she appologised and told me it was a joke. I pretended to be ok but deep inside i was not convinced
So i decided to keep an eye on her. Few months after she uploaded a lesbian picture as her d.p and i was really mad at her, she apologised and took off the picture. I told her to come to my place, when she came i asked her if she is a lesbian, but she still denied

I went through her phone and saw so many lesbian Unclad pictures. I asked her to delete them which she did and she promised I won't see such thing in her phone again.

after some months I went to her place and she gave me her phone for me to transfer music from my phone to hers which I did and went through her phone
this time I saw a lesbian porn video so I told her its over, that am no longer interested in the relationship. she cried and cried but this time I made up my mind to break up.
I went home and she called several times which I didn't pick. two days later her sister called me
nd told me she was in the hospital but I taught it was just a trick for me to go visit her so I didn't go

I felt really hurt and decided to move on with my life. when she was discharged from the hospital she continued to beg for forgiveness but I didn't accept.

I politely told her its over between us. She stopped calling for some months and i taught she has moved on with her life.
But two days ago she sent me an sms saying am wicked and heartless, she also said if she dies that am the cause .
I still love her but i dont want to date a lesbian. I really need advise, pls did i do the right thing?


  1. She might actually be a lesbian but for her to be pleading and waiting on you for that long she might be a repenting one. If she is a rigid lesbian she won't give a damn about you. Though, you are right to act the way you did but I guess you should give her a second chance and the chance should be an helping one. To help her break free of her nemesis.

  2. Second chance will be an option, if she is addicted, she won't even wants you anymore. For her to keep on coming, she might be bad girl turn good girl.

  3. Second chance will be an option, if she is addicted, she won't even wants you anymore. For her to keep on coming, she might be bad girl turn good girl.


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