Monday, April 25, 2016

I Lied About My Age

I'm in a relationship with a very good guy. My sweetheart is God fear,loving, caring understanding etc. The only problem am having now is that am 1year older than him. Actually when I meet him I never pictured us together to this last minute of saying will you marry me and seeing myself saying I'll, after dating and courting for 4years 8months now. .
.conscience want to tell him but i'm really scared of the outcome because anytime we have our childish play and I jokingly tell him respect your sister o or don't you know am not your mate, he will instantly tells me that hope you know I can't marry someone that is older than me even if is just a month. Our wedding is in 2months time. I've asked him...
...severally for his reason(s) the reply is that he just can't imagine it or think of such, that his mother won't even allow him. And I can remember vividly the first time he took me to his mother, after all the introduction and welcoming when we were alone I askd him what his mother said about me he said the only question she asked was if I was older than than....

...him and he said no that I'm just chubby now after school that I wasn't like that when we met besides I'm not looking older than him in any way cuz he looks more mature.

Please I need your advice.

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