Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I Sincerely Need Candid Advice

Am 27yrs old and by the grace of God, am also 5 months old in my marriage, despite that my husband is not providing for the home. But I still bless God for keeping my job moving smoothly. And my job is what has been sustaining me for food, my school fees (Running Part-time program), transportation, etc.

I am a working class lady, and the place we are residing is very far from the place I work, sometimes I board 2-3 cabs before getting to the office even when is raining heavily.

My husband has Camry Le (1999 model) and he is not always round because  he works in Ado-Ekiti in a construction Company, he is off/on Ado-Ekiti.

 And the company has been owning them since God knows when.
One day, I approached my husband that I will like to be using his car to the office, whenever he is not around, but he responded that the car is not in a good condition.

But I told him no problem, that I will fix the car, let him help me to write down the fault of the car, so that I can take it to the mechanic for repair.

I have discussed this with him up to 4 times but it since he doesn’t want me to drive his car.

Presently, am planning of getting an auto loan from my office and I don’t want my husband to know until he sees the car with his eyes.

Please pals, what did you think?

Matured mind please and insult you are also welcome.

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