Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I thought it was April Fool, Now April Real.....

Have been thinking so badly cos all I did was april fool and it turn out to be april real,it goes thus;I send a text to my boyfriend that am pregnant and at first he was asking when I noticed it? I told him am 3weeks gone.
Two days ago, he called me and told me I should go and give it to the owner that it not his, I tot it was a joke until I went to confront I'm and he said he is not joking.

To make my april fool real I decided to call his friend and he said he will talk to him, as the matter was going I never knew it getting more complicated cos he doesn't pick my calls or reply my messages.
I was forced to tell him it a joke that am not pregnant and he said he doesn't believe me so I told him we should go do a test.. make him believe me until he started asking me varieties of question which I provided an answer to but kept telling me am still lying and I never knew he went through my phone and saw different messages, have begged him but its not yielding cos to him, his not the only one am dating.
Now I don't know what to do again.

kindly help me out.

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