Friday, April 8, 2016

I want My Boyfriend To be More Commited to the Relationship

I met my current guy while we were in the university, same level 11 years ago. We became friends 2 years later when he came to visit his friend, who was my neighbor then. He stylishly asked me out, though i didn't take him serious then cos he is the friendly type, always in company of friends that endeared him to both male...

...and female. My neighbor/ his friend (MR Gfor clarity purpose ) heard of it and discouraged me from dating him. 2009 I started dating Mr G and we had a sweet relationship not until we went for NYSC, he misbehaved there so we ended the relationship and went back to the way we were as friends( I was the brain behind
...that). Now my eX  is married and I am dating his friend who first asked me out.
My guy is a wonderful, handsome dude but he doesn't want his friends to know about it cos he feared they might discourage him from marrying me (of course they are my friends too and I know what they are capable of doing). It's affecting me sort.....

of cuz that is why my relationship is very private even when one of his friends got married few weeks ago, I acted as if I didn't know him. I don't know how long we would hide our love from his folks, I can't even visit him cos he has a joint business with a  known friend. My work gives room for me to visit but he is the busy type. My ...challenge now is how do I make him more committed to the relationship cos I am not getting any younger will be 30 by July.
Please I need your advice.

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