Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Is change Inevitable..

I will be 28 this may... I met a guy last year September thru a pastor friend & we hit it off immediately.
we got so attracted to each other that he told me he wants to settle down with me. Mind you he clocked 42 last Feb, I saw the sincerity in Him & accepted his proposal.
He work offshore & stays there for two months all this while he was there we chat & make video calls.

It made me not to miss him much, it felt like I was with him everyday. it felt so right that I prayed about it & got the conviction in my heart that I even told my pastor to do same & he confirmed it too. he also told me while he was @sea confirmation was made when he got back Dec.2015 he took me to see his family & he saw mine & we did a formal introduction

we were very happy during the festive period I stayed with him for some days because I know he will be leaving soon for sea for the next two months. To my surprise my fiance started seeing faults in me that I don't greet people enough. I have too many guys as friends on my Facebook that I will stop wearing trousers & all.
I told him I don't have a problem with that cos he attends redeem & when we get married I will be attending with him, well we got on fine after that not knowing he was telling his pastor about everything going on with us & his pastor started telling him I won't be a good wife & he started withdrawing from me...

always defensive when we discuss on phone cos he has gone back to sea.
we are suppose to do the wedding when he comes back this May but he's been so reluctant about any plans,  I told him but to my shock he asked me to give our traditional marriage cloth of his own to his pastor (the one saying rubbish vision about me to him.)..
I asked him why & he flared up & said ok I should give it to his friend & we agreed only for his friend to be very busy but we spoke on how to meet up, the next thing my fiance started saying am lying for not giving his friend on time. I flared up & asked him why did he do introduction & propose to me ....

...if he didn't want to marry  me, so he called the next day that he's not sure we can have a peaceful home that he loves me & loves my family but he's out.
For days now he's not been responding to my whatsapp ever since...I really love this guy & everyone is already asking when is the wedding...but do I really deserve this?

Please Advice me

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