Friday, April 22, 2016

Is It Right To Support Him To Build A House On His Name

My hubby wants us to build a house together and I asked him whose name will be on it, If it's his, mine or both of us cuz he has a daughter from a fling he had before our marriage (The girl is 5 months older than my first child). Initially it was not an issue but recently I noticed he's always putting her first before my..,in filling documents he puts her first, although she stays with her mother but her allowance is constant and he calls her frequently. My issue is firstly the child's mother was an online gf to a friend of his who passed her over to him and after having her then she claimed to be pregnant for him. Hubby promised DNA to..
...confirm when we broke up due to the issue but after many pleas and I was also pregnant same time we reconciled and got married but he is yet to go with the agreement of DNA claiming he feels she's his child. Secondly the mother doesn't respect that he is married and calls him anytime she likes i.e late at night or dusk...

...though she is in a different state from us and hubby tries so hard to ensure no contact except when she brings the child to his family house and he sees her but am not comfy with that and am been cautious since he is secretive about his business with her these days and he was angry when I asked about it. Is it right to. him to build a house in his name that he might will to the other child he flaunts as his first child.

Please I need your advice.

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