Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Granny Pierced My Chest...

When i was still very young(8yrs old or so)i remember so well that my granny pierced my chest with blade(3 straight marks in between my breasts). Just yesterday i had the urge to ask her what the mark means and the reply I got was overwhelming, she took it personal and even denied it saying that the place I went to was where I was told that she was the one who pierced my chest(i only went to visit my fiancee).

The issue now is the way she replied me, her behaviour is making me suspect her(not as a witch o)i just need her to open up and explain what the mark means but she didn't. I had to call my mum to explain things to her but my mum said she doesn't know anything...

...about it(i believed her cos I never lived with my mum,i grew up with granny).
I just need advice here,should I forget about the mark and think on other things or I should still put pressure on granny to tell me.

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