Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Guy's Girlfriend Said She Did It To Help Herself Pay Her School Fees

Please my people, help me advice my guy. I've tried all my best but he's stubborn.

They've been dating for 3yrs now, they met on her first day on campus. Helped her on lot of things, you kn
ow to that extent we guys do like a good Samaritan when we see babe that her being glorifies the name of the Lord.

The next session, she told him that her mum is sick and no place to get her school fees, my guy borrowed money to pay for Her school fees, this my guy has stopped all his pranks with girls, the two were on another level entirely, we were all surprised that this girl just came and took our friend from us. The two were perfect match I'll say.
Fast forward to last year October 2015. My friend was so heartbroken and look sad, when we made enquires from him, he told us that his babe called and was crying on the phone, she said he should pls forgive Her on what she's about to do, she's so confused and don't want to broke his heart that he should just let them put a stop to the relationship. When we heard this we were so dumpfolded and surprised that we didn't believed him until the babe showed up and we heard them discussing and crying together inside his room.
Later when she left and we confronted him, he told us the girl's looking for her school fees and since him did not have the money to give her, she demanded they separate so she can fend for school fees by going to meet someone that promise to help if she can bring herself for sex.
My guy begged her that he'll get her the money that doing prostitute is not the solution to her problem. That was resolved and things starts to go well for them again. My friend graduated this year February 2016, the two of them still continue with the relationship.

Late last month which was March, my guy called me to go check a name on facebook and pls I should click on the photos there to see someone. Immediately I login to my FB acct and search for the name, saw it, click on the uploaded pictures. What I saw make my phone fell off my hands, I saw my guy's girlfriend and a guy that owns the acct together in the pictures kissing and doing all sort of things together. This girl even commented on it by saying 'NICE COUPLE', to my amazement the girl also uploaded lots of pics of her and the new guy. I called my friend and asked if he had contacted her girl, he said yes that when he did that his girlfriend told him the guy is just a friend nothing more.

My guy added the guy on fb and when this girl saw it she was so mad at my friend, telling him to go unfriend the guy and forget about the guy. Later on my guy called me again and told me when they finally get themselves, she told him she's looking for school fees and the new guy is a Yahoo guy, that is why she did all that just to get money from the guy. That there's no intimacy between them. My friend loves this girl so much that everyone around him knows her.

My guy is so confused now because he said the girl is with him at his parents house and the new guy is still calling her babe. He have told the girl to choose between him and the other guy, but her babe was just crying and begging that it won't repeat itself again.

Pls my guy said he's confused, that should he continue do the introduction his planning or breakup with her, he fears this is what she might be doing when he married her completely, cheating on him.

So my people pls your advice is strongly needed because I don't want him to embark on what he will live to regret that his friend did not advice him well.

Pls my people HELP!!!

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