Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My Husband Wants One More Child.

My happy and joyous marriage of 5yrs has began to take another dimension. The issue i that my husband is asking me to conceive again after having 2kids (boys), of which am ok with the 2kids simply because of his age as he would be 50yrs next year so i believe it won't be ok to start nurturing another baby at that age, instead we should concentrate on the 2 we have and give them the best but he bluntly disagreed with me and this has been causing unnecessary quarrels, grudges,argument and so on to the extent that the kids are suspecting things are not going on fine with their parents. Have i taken the wrong or right decision?

 Please I need your advice.


  1. Wrong decision. Why are you making the decision for him when as a man he said he wants it regardless of his age? The most important thing is the resources to take care of the children and as long as that is not a problem then I don't see any reason why you can't satisfy your man.

  2. You are seriously taking a very rsiky decision... are you to decides for him or what?
    Didn't he paid for your dowry? Pls you have to beg him and corporate with him immediately.
    Has he ever stop bringing food on your table or pay the bills or is he not the one taking care of the house?
    Pls stop been too stubborn and wayward in your marriage. When he took that decision and inform you of that, that means he respect and love you... if it's another man, he can just agree with you and find a way to get the more baby from another woman out there. Since he has the resources to cater for them. So be very careful not to scatter your home with your hands.


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