Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My Mother In-Law Destroyed My Home...

I need advice on my marriage. Please my husband is a womanizer & when I took delivery of our son... on the day of naming ceremony, my husband's ex. was brought to me by my husband's younger sister asking if I knew who she was but I replied NO. It pained me to point that I was crying and my family saw me crying then asked me why?.

I explained to them what happened and my mother in-law "didn't let me die before she buried me". She started this talk to the point of cursing my parent. She even wanted to beat my mother and my husband did not say a single word to correct his mother. The fight continued in the house between me and my husband for 1 week.

My mother in-law didn't settle it for us. Recently another issue occurred, me and my husband went to celebrate Easter with them and my husband went to club with friends and that got me angry. I fought my husband on it even packed my belongings that i'm leaving but I waited for his mother to come back. She saw my load and after explaining to her all that happened...

She started abusing cursing me, said so many things even said she has warned her son not to marry me. She cursed my parent to the point that I got angry but I never replied her. Painfully, my husband is now acting according to his mother's advice.

I'm just living with him like slave. I need advice cus I want to leave his house...but to where?.

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