Thursday, April 7, 2016

My Relationship Is Tearing Apart, Please I Need Your Candid Advice

What I am feeling now I can tell. I can't tell whether my heart is burning or I'm dying of love. But all I need is your candid advice.

 I'm post-grad student of Federal university of Technology Akure, Ondo state. And I met this girl when I resumed for program late 2013 and since then, I have been trying to have her to my side and thank God I finally did.

It was a joyful moment indeed but things began to take another dimension few weeks to her grad exam. It happens that she has a friend, a male friend to be precise and the guy had been disturbing her before my arrival, of wish she does want to have anything to do with the guy (she claimed) .

Whenever the guy tried to woo her to his side, she will pick up a fight with him but recently, I tried to convinced her that she shouldn't always do that. He wanted to date you and you don't want to have anything to do with him shouldn't be a problem. Is a mature game, let him know you don't like it... Talk to him maturely, I insisted and thereafter, they became friend again but Nairalanders, trust me this friendship is becoming what I can't seem to stand.
As at the time of typing this (12:41am) my girl is still in his room, confirmed myself. Meanwhile she was at my place few hours before the guy called her and she asked him to buy her some stuff over the phone and the guy did and immediately the guy came, she left for his place and she doesn't even care whether I got angry or not(well, let me say she care a bit)

Is this not the end of the story of my ambition? Have I not done what I couldn't handled now? Am I not losing her? Please I need your advice
Don't mind my grammatical error old. (This is from a very good friend and he needs your advise please)

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