Friday, April 8, 2016

My Wife Is Seducing Men, Help

Dear MTR  (Marital Ties Readers)

Please i need your advice on what to do. My wife had been seducing men in the compound where we live lately. We are just newly married, less than 2 years now. We live in a story building and the windows are made in glasses. One could easily see through them especially in the night.

 So, what she does is each time she finishes taking her birth, she exposes her body knowing quit well that men around can see her through the window. She does it in the morning, during the day when she notices that i am not around and in the night.

The day i discovered, i confronted her, she said it was her body that it was not none of my business. Though we were quarreling before then. But i knew that was not the first time, she has been doing it before because each time i open the windows in the morning, i always notice that people(men) will just be looking towards my direction. I kept wondering what they were looking at until the day i discovered.

Dear Marital Ties Reader , what can i do to make her stop it. Because its getting out of hand. Now she hides and do it and she knows i am not happy with her now.

Please i need your advice. Thank you

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