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His wife,s Cousin Keep Calling,.

Dear Marital Ties Readers,

 I have a little case study to share with the house. It is a real story so I'll like matured minds to comment only. No insults. Give reasonable advises only.
Early in 2015, my elder sister got introduced to a guy by a friend who claimed the guy was searching for a wife. The guy is based in Spain and works with the Spanish Navy Marines but he is a Nigerian.

He and my sister got acquainted and they have been chatting since then with the guy making emphasis on his desire to get married to her and have her relocate to Spain to be with him.
The guy returned to Nigeria few weeks ago and has since been showing his desire to marry my sister. While he was in Spain, he sent her money on a regular basis and immediately he has visited my mum twice already with some gift items, he even got her an iPhone 6 on his way back and she is currently rocking it  (for those that will call me a gold digger, abeg who no like better thing).
The problem now is that the guy traveled to Abuja recently and my sister has been receiving calls from a girl who claims to be the cousin to his wife. She said he is married and my sister should back off. My sister confronted him and he didn't deny it but he said he is getting a divorce as he and his wife are not compatible. He claimed that they are both AS and the lady still f*cks her ex-boyfriend. They have a daughter together. He claims that his reason for coming back is to finalize the divorce and get remarried.
The cousin on the other hand, keeps calling my sister to disturb her peace of mind, at times she would have a crying child in the background and say its his daughter. My sister even asked her if the guy was a flirt and she said no. She keeps saying the guy and his wife are just going through a rough time and they will patch up soon.

My question is why he would invest so much in my sister if she is just a passing phase like the girl suggested. He always talk to us whenever he calls her and he seems really interested. He
He even told my sister that he will get her pregnant if she tries to give him tough time. He has told her to ignore the girl's rants. How did this girl even get my sister's number? He is loaded and is husband material but I don't want my sister to get married into a trouble filled home. She has said she will let him go but he keeps calling and has promised to sort everything when he gets back from Abuja.

Relationship gurus in the house, over to you


  1. Your sister never enter now and there's trouble, getting married to the man is double trouble. No one is perfect, there's no one without baggage in a relationship. But this baggage is already this tough, imagine how it will be when she's married. The guy should settle whatever he has to settle instead of him saying he will impregnate your sister if she's giving him tough time. That talk no get sense abeg.

  2. I will advice ur sister to really get to know d basics for d man's divorce, maybe there is more cos incompatibility shld be an issue of until stage of marriage not after d child. +he didn't deny(obviouly u don't expect him to, cos his secret is already exposed), and dat shows he planned to keep keep that to himself not until kasala burst. A lot of tins showing signs that d man can have issues personally. Now he is already giving it sister gifts Wc can Cloud her decision + he wants to impregnate her too.. Another sign of irresponsibility. In my view d condition where ur sister shld marry Dis man shld be wen he has sorted out Dis last marriage issue though it divorce might be something waiting for her in d future. And concerning the threats from the cousin, dat will make less sense if ur sister and d man leave Nigeria... I don't think Nigeria jazz can get to Spain��������lol


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