Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tribal Difference or Cold Feet

I dated this guy for 9yrs.He is from Anambra while am from Enugu. We started when he was actually nobody but i was there for him. 3yrs ago, he decided to travel out of the country which he explained to me and i accepted. He told me to wait for him that we will marry as soon as he is back.

While he was there, our communication was very perfect. I do visit his family as he will always tells me to do so. We are currently planning our wedding and the next news i heard was that the father said over his dead body that he will allow the son to marry from Enugu. I am heart broken.Where do i start now?

My guy is back and from his actions he has succumbed to the fathers request. OMG, my strength is failing me. All preparations have been made for the wedding and invitation cards shared. What have i done wrong. I love this guy so much. He hardly calls now and we don't flow well on phone again. So love can die so easily?.

From our last conversation he sounded like he has found someone else. It's so difficult for me to move on. What do i do now?. Please i need advice.

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  1. See him, you will get from his actions if he truly loves you


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