Wednesday, April 6, 2016

We Just Had Sex few Minutes before she died. Please Read My Story...

Have not eaten all day, I am not fasting but am
in despair and in shock. How can I explain this to you? By this time last night, she was in my arms,we were cuddled together Unclad and just finished making love to catch up for the lost
time. It was pleasurable as usual and we enjoyed it. We haven’t seen each other for few weeks and we were in love. She was the lead chorister in my church, a vibrant sister, very beautiful but was my lover and partner in sin. I saw her off at about 10:18PM. It wasn’t up to 30 minutes when

my phone rang, I picked it up only for the caller
to tell me the owner of this phone was killed by
a trailer that failed break. I was hit by a tsunami,
lost composure and started crying. When I finally
got to her house, people were in sad mood but
were praising God that a dedicated sister has
returned to heaven, but deep inside me I felt a
great guilt and I knew deep down what we did in
secret. Friends, do you know life might end
today? God forbid, but its possible. Do you also
know death can come unexpectedly? Do you
realise that some people might sleep this night
and never wake up tomorrow, what if I am
among them? Do you know where your soul will
go to? Do you know people might say good
things about you on your funeral because of
what they know, but your secret sins and life
style might place you in hell? Kindly examine
yourself (1Cor. 13:5) this night in case tomorrow
never comes. Its not late today but it might be
late tomorrow. God will forgive you right now if
you repent sincerely. Ask him to forgive you.
Rededicate your life to Jesus. Eternity will
surprise many. PS. Pls tag a friend and ensure
all your friends read this post today… !! Eternity
may be a click away.. !!!

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