Friday, April 15, 2016

What Can Hold A Guy Down..

I'm 23 years old, done with my NYSC in October last year and my family are expecting something from me anytime soon,either marriage or a job. But at the look of things am been tempted to forget about all that concerns marriage for now. I've been dating a guy for almost 2yrs now who says relationship and..

..marriage does not hold a guy down,it only holds the girl. According to him "a guy can love his girl friend or wife and still be dating outside because We are africans" (Nigerians). I'm always hurt when he says this, i've caught him several times cheating on me and he has even given me STI couple of times. On the other hand I don't have anybody serious around me, i guess that's why am still holding on to him. There's this guy I met during my service year we didn't have much time to see and talk when I was still at my service state (east) and he's an igbo guy. I'm really scared to go visit him bcos he's from a rich family, i hate rejection in my life, don't want to go and have se x with...
...him either. I just wnt somebody who will love me for who I am. Please fellow subscribers advice me on What to do,I want to really knw if it's true that marriage or relationship does not hold the guy and What should I do in all.

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