Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Marriage Proposal From A Guy I Don,t Even Take Serious

Am 23 years,i dated a guy back then in nysc we were in the same company but different department but I wasn't serious with him I hardly even pick his calls I just take it that his my small boyfriend so I can do the undo and will never gets to know even when he found out I was dating other people I still didn't mind then I passed out from nysc and relocated back to my base and it became worse...

...because I don't even talk or reply his messages unless I want him to help me with application format and all,but the problem now is he has asked me to marry him and said his serious about it,like he said I should ask my self if am ready to calm down and be focused because for him his ready...

...and wants to come see my parents, this someone I hardly talk to or even like
Please I need your advice and prayers so I  don't make mistake in my decision and should I go on in marrying him?

His not rich like he said his very ready to take care of a family and I haven't seen him for a year plus.

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