Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Confused and Troubled At Heart

I'm 28yrs done with school and am self employed. Last 2yrs a guy I've known all my life like a brother opened up on his feelings towards me which we both prayed about and we started dating. He's the only son and has 3 sisters whom have been like family to me too,..

...but as soon as they discovered that I'm dating their brother they developed hatred for me along with their mother too. Though he isn't bothered about his people's attitude but I'd say I'm worried. 2016 will be our 2yrs together, its been wonderful. We've had our good n bad times but God has been our piller but this guy keeps things away...

... from me especially he's family issues. He has asked me to marry him which we're planning on, I took in last month and he said we're keeping it but I'm worried because he's starting to act weird switching moods off and on and doesn't call like he used to nor text me anymore.
Please kindly offer your candid advice on how to go about this situation...

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