Friday, May 13, 2016

Having Multiple Sex in a week is affecting me....And they all want it

I'm seriously getting it wrong this days I have a fiancée which I love and respect so much. so humble, lovable, real woman nd understanding.
but suddenly I started seeing myself womanizing all about.
as a matter of fact I have 4 other ladies and its gradually affecting my relationship and Christian life.

one is my ex suddenly pick up on dirty feelings when she saw me on my way one day and she started calling and showing all bla bla bla...
another one is where I do buy my provisions and toiletries. she just suddenly pick up love and feeling that she cried if I always tell her no not to visit me.
one is older than me. single mother.
we been together but we define our relationship so she knew that no future in it from start but now she does nt want to leave me because she said I'm cool on bed and I always give her climax....
the last one is a married woman and same comment as the single mother. another woman in my new area is on me... as a matter of fact the wife of the Honourable  in my new street. so I'm now wondering am I the only man or is that how other men or guys also face it?

Please advise I'm on 25yrs I wish I settle down in the next 3yrs....

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  1. It is a pity you find yourself in such a situation. The only solution for you now is to come to the Lord Jesus to set you free from sin. Having ladies running after you for sexual favors is not a good thing to rejoice about. And it also shows that you are not disciplined and being a Christian shows that you don't realize how powerful you are to overcome the sin of "fornication". Confess your sins sincerely to God, Ask for His forgiveness and also make sure you break ties with these women and dedicate your life to the Lord. I will surely be praying for you.


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