Monday, May 9, 2016

I am attracted to Classy Older Women

I've been a subscriber of this channel since 2015, and am having this slight issue. When I was a kid, I was s*xually abuse by an older cousin who is a female and since then I have been attracted to older women. While I was in pry school I had an affair with my class teacher, same with secondary school (I had an affair with at least 6 of my school teachers)....

...during my tertiary day, I lost count of the older
women I slept with. Don't get me wrong, it's not just old women, I'm also attracted to any classy woman who is older than me. The problem am having now is that I wanna settle down and my mom is really on my neck to settle down but how can I stop this gi golo and...

...classy women thing. I am not attracted to all
this young girls, to me all these girls are annoying and since my ex gf broke up with me for unexplained reasons I just stick to my older classy women. Young ladies are annoying, too desperate, undisciplined and most of them don't know what they want. I ....
...want a girl I can take to mama and a girl that's understands me if I look at an older woman in a certain way. Please I need your advice.

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