Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I want to get married, but I don,t want a burden as Husbby..

I'm a 30 year old single mother. My baby's father has been absent from her life since birth so it has been just the both of us. Getting married has been an issue for me cuz I didn't want to be a financial burden on any man considering the fact that I have a child.
Now, I run a profitable biz that can@ least pay our (my child & i) bills‎.

So, I can compliment whatever my would_be husband earns.
I met a guy mid last year ‎. I found out this year(when he couldn't hide anymore) that he lied about everything. From his person(imagine coming to visit me with borrowed cars)  to what he does for a living. Truth is, he does nothing, can't even pay for his accommodation (he squats with a friend). Feeding himself is sometimes an issue.
No wonder he always cunnigly made me foot the bills whenever we were together. (I foolishly believed his stories)
I'm not asking for a "dangote" but the bible says "a man that cannot provide for his family is less than an infidel" I
He says he wants to marry Mr. Am I wrong in refusing him? "How do you pay my dowry? I asked him.

 And he suggested we do a court wedding and pay the dowry whenever he makes the money. How can one think such a thing?  I know no one knows what the future holds but I don't think that is enough reason to start off on the wrong foot. He said he is a graduate (only God knows if that is true). I've asked him to get a job but he refused saying he can't work under anybody.
Am I wrong?


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  1. It is better you leave him, don't allow the pressure of being a single parent makes you take wrong steps when it comes to marriage. Thank God that you are not carried away with his charisma.


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