Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I wonder what some ladies are turning relationships into

My here to beg all guys to please hustle hard but don't hustle in a devilish way. my baby mama left me 2 years ago just because things were so rough for me - in fact there was no hope and she become the bread winner and i lost my manship in the house.

she decide where i go and what i do before she left. i have been begging her to comeback but she said she is not interested in the relationship anymore. December last year God blessed me with a Contract worth 250 million naira (am a civil engineer). she is a lecturer. now she called me last month that she is sorry for everything.

....that she wanna come back home. i thank God for my life because now i know that no money no love..... please guys try and work hard, definitely - God will bless your hustle... am still thinking whether to consider her because of my little boy........

Please Advice me

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