Thursday, May 5, 2016

I'm Confused About This Girl. Pls, What Do I Do?

There is this girl that has been my neighbor since 2004 till date. I mean our families are neighbors. I have watched her grow from tender age till now. I noticed that she is intelligent, smart, hardly annoyed n easily appeased wen she is annoyed, however she is tall n could be unerronously classified as an average beauty.

I have noticed that she likes me n even told me that i inspire her each time she sees me. In fact, because of me she said that she wants to study my course in the university but unfortunately for her she couldn,t make it n was offered microbiology instead of pharmacy.
Every man has his taste of his dream girl n i am no exception. Physically, i like tall, fair, curvy girls unfortunately she missed out in the curvy aspect but i still like her other attributes, intelligence being on top of the list. I have always wanted to tell her that i like her but because of certain reasons i'm yet to make a move. Some of the reasons are:
1) she is my neighbor and i feel i will lose my respect if i approach her.
2) i don't want to distract her from her studies as i advised her to work hard so that she would have the chance of switching to pharmacy in her 200 level.
3) i graduated last year and yet to do my internship
4) most importantly, she is 17 yrs n i feel she is still tender for a relationship.
Where I'm having problem now is that my family wants to relocate from where we are staying to another place far from d present building where we r living. Also, some silly jobless guys in my street ve started making some move towards her but as far as i know she rebuffs them. I believe she will make it to pharmacy n that makes me like her more but i jst don't want to distract her from her studies neither do i want to lose her to this street boys or anybody in her school, UNN. As i said before, we want to relocate even though i ve not told her.
Pls, what would u advice i do if u were me?

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