Monday, May 9, 2016

She dosent seem to prioritize our intimacy

This is my story. Just to lay some background to this story. We have been together for more than 8 years and married for about 4 of those years. We couldn't do without each other and it was clear even to strangers. Then we had our first child and the situation started. I dismissed it as a post childbirth response that should fade except it's been nearly 2yrs...

...since I had any real intimacy with my wife. There is always a reason and I try to be understanding. Since I met her 8 yrs ago, I have had to ward off sexual advances from ladies and with ease. These days it's getting increasingly difficult to do so. I have tried to talk to her but the reasons come flowing in and I feel I am at an edge now. Anyone with...
...any useful ideas on what I can do to help her understand that "I am not an option but a priority" because the matter don tire me. Please I need your advice.
The End.

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