Tuesday, May 24, 2016

She has been having phobia for guys

My woman was rape at age 13 by a senior student during secondary school days,as they went 4 labour in school, she couldn't tell any 1 cos she was afraid & she was so tender & d ting grew 2 pregnancy she was almost disowned by her parents,months later she gave birth @ age 14yrs,

she beard the same of this world, the guy denied it, 2 years later this guy came to claim the child, her parents almost went mad @ him, now we're together! she's 23 now while i'm 25,I love her so much away from the fact that she is excessively beautiful,cos she looks like a white she doesn't need to make before she can look good added to that she has Godly mind & humble,

Right from onset of my relationship wit her, she taught by telling me her story that i'll leave her,but unfortunately i love children & i didn't use her past 2 judge her,but  my problem about her is that at 1st we had carnal knowledge of ourselves, she altered a word that she doesn't allow guys see or touch her boobs & i asked why? she didn't answer me,but what i observed was that...
..her boobs is extremely sagging as though she has given birth to 2 number of children,i observe that she feels bad & this has really given me some thoughts, could this be as a result of her terrible past or as a result of previous relationship she had before me? cos according 2 her ever since her  terrible past she has been having phobia 4 guys, that she hardly stay with guys in a relationship,

pals please what can i do 2 revive that part of her body,is there any medication she could take,cos right now,she feels terrible,she feels it  never happen to her, she feels she's owing me & really want to make it up, i really want to settle with her. is there anything i can do to help her with that part of her body?

Please  advise insults to are also welcome, mature mind please

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